Check whether your identity card and driver's license are still valid.

Take a photo / copy of all your important documents and put them in the cloud (or send them to yourself via e-mail).

Depart on time for your appointments.

Before you start packing, read the airline's luggage rules carefully. How many bags could you take with you again? And how many kilos was it allowed to weigh? Tip: Roll up your clothes. Rolled up clothes take up less space and wrinkle less! Also handy: put your stockings in your shoes. Be sure to leave some space for a nice souvenir from your unforgettable Ibiza trip.

When traveling, you really don't want to forget anything important. So start by packing essential things such as passports, driver's license, credit cards and of course your phone. Give this a fixed place, such as in your right pocket, so you always know where they are. The island is equipped with all kinds of shops so if you have forgotten something. No worries!

Valuable things? You put it in your hand luggage together with your frequently used and necessary items. Remember: You may carry liquids in your hand luggage up to a maximum of 100 ml each. Use small pots and close them well with a plastic bag. Tip: take an empty water bottle in your hand luggage, which you can fill after the security check! Make sure that your hand luggage meets the dimensions. Take a look at this website if you have any doubts.

Survival kit in your hand luggage! Pack an outfit, swimsuit, pareo (towel, blanket, dress all-in-one), underwear and a toothbrush in case your suitcase arrives a little later. This rarely happens, but if you are well prepared you can immediately start enjoying.

Stay reachable for the home front, send a text message that you have landed well so your loved ones don't have to worry.

Depart well insured when traveling. Good insurance can help to eliminate a lot of inconveniences and costs, ask Ibiza Tailor about it. We are affiliated with the Spanish insurance company MAPFRE.

Happy Holidays!

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